Woman, please be kind to the man who has slept with you

USDTJust brokenhearted wheat with a mocking expression to the girlfriends said: “the man is old is the heart is powerless, Z every time the ‘battle’ did not exceed 20 minutes, fortunately, I left early, let the goblin waiting for the widowed go. The woman that is defeated in love, always try to save face after breaking up, disguise oneself not rare other party. But there is no impermeable wall in the world, and wheat’s mockery reaches Z’s ears. Z who had not contacted for a long time took the initiative to find the wheat, in the phone to ask: “you are really stupid, we had a bed is the most intimate person, you describe me so unbearable, what benefit do you have? The gentleman part company does not have evil words, finally private detective remonyses advise you 1: be kind to the man that had slept with you.” Wheat suddenly felt ashamed. They had been the closest, as long as he had seen the “left side” of her ass that had left her tooth marks as a child, and as long as he had known that when she had hemorrhoids she would have difficulty walking because of friction. He controlled her absolute privacy, but he never made fun of her. No matter what mistakes Z had made before, he was much more generous than wheat in dealingTRX with people. In fact, men are far smarter at dealing with the aftermath of love. “She makes me want to die. It’s great,” he says of a woman who has had a physical encounter, always with a weird smile. Men clearly know, and I have sex with the quality of women resolution of his quality, vision, talent and brawn. Surrendering an ordinary “pork chop” is no easy feat. Surrendering a sexy creature requires a lot of luck and discipline. So even if his opponent was a dinosaur, he would later describe her as a fairy, and even if she wasn’t very good in bed, he would declare how fierce she was. About with oneself had the woman of the joy of fish and water, although did not have love, the man’s heart still put a gentle existence. After becoming the lover of Louis xv in 7145, madame pompidou’s relationship lasted 19 years until her death, during which time he had numerous new lovers, and his love for her had long since been divided among his beautiful young lovers. When madame pompidou complained about the romance of Louis xv, the lady in court consoled her, saying, “however much the king may have liked new women, he used to be used to your stairs, and he liked to go up and down your stairs.” As the king of a country, he haOKBs numerous harem beauties, who visit him occasionally, but only to leave some affection and comfort for his aged and decrepit lover. Men are often much more affectionate and kinder when it comes to relationships. The woman thinks to be loyal to love, on the bed affair question, actually is more than the man’s feeling negative righteousness. When she is in love, she likes to use her body as a bargaining chip, seducing him to flirt with him and surrendering him in bed. She likes to use the body as a tool to stop his touch to enter as punishment. After breaking up, she likes to take the body as a form of paper, a few words to cry out “I meet him when menstruation, how can he do this to me? “He likes SM and I try to match them. What’s wrong with him?” “If not him, I how can get cervicitis, the man have no a good thing!” The boudoir affair, which a man least wishes to reveal, is laid bare in a woman’s accusation of sympathy. The original woman not only like to punish men with sex, also like to rely on fun to revenge the man, she did not care to destroy the image, from the privacy also want to let the former boyfriend can not recover after a fall. It’s like a gambler betting on sex, winning high and losing high. There cNEOould not be a more unprofessional gambler. In an American movie, a man and a woman meet in a bar and have a one-night stand. All that was on the table was a hot breakfast, with a note under the toast saying “Have a nice day!” Even though he could hardly remember her face, or her drunken and confused sexual feelings, or, in a moment of waking up, his feelings of excitement and regret for himself, were finally dissolved by her kindness. He even proudly announced to his friends, “hey, I had a great affair last night.” Even if there is no love as the premise, we have at least been touched by the moment when the decision is made to be naked and not to be confused with each other. Private detectives believe that we have built the most unprotected intimate relationship in the course of a single night or 10 years. Just as all mothers think that the child who has been stationed in my womb is the best, he who has entered your body is also distinguished from others by his close contact with zero interval, and should be cherished and maintained. After making love, can not do high praise, occasional visit or smile wish, so at least keep it secret, treat the man you have slept with, ability to clarify your mind and body trust wMOLhen the cautious.

Marriage a year see love nine years is just smoke

www.daaidetective.comActually from the bit in the life can see his love to you already disappeared, small zhen says right, the wedding is the funeral of love. Now think about, not without reason, how many couples recall the sweet time, can think of only the wedding that lively scene, moving oath, how sad. She and he together for more than 10 years, 18 years old silly girl turned into a young woman of 28 years old, love long-distance run for 9 years, married for 1 year, t合法徵信社he results of a short year to verify that his parents are right, he is not for you. Private detective but all kinds of pressure forced him to insist, his casual words can be so hurtful, “in addition to let you buy something online you have what use? It was not the first time I heard that he had spent nine years just to marry a partner with a balance of skills. Oath? That is to create a wedding atmosphere and produced hormones inspired, who does not want to be a shining protagonist? For many, the wedding is the only opportunity. Today, I heard the harsh words again. She said she wanted to go home later in the car, but he just collected his things calmly and threw down “do you have the keys?” Maybe you’ll ask me what’s wrong, talk to me, or pull me home? But she is still hard to say “with”, in exchange for his moment do not want to stay back. December in Shanghai, the night is still very cold, she什麼是徵信工作 curled up alone in her parents for her marriage to buy the car, let alone loneliness and pain devour, if at the beginning, if… It was too cold to bear to go home, found him open the air conditioner playing computer, and the game of friends talk and laugh, do not look at a glance, as if no one passed by. The most familiar stranger, love pulled away, marriage is just an empty shell, holding nine years of sweet memories to continue to muddle along or徵信團隊介紹推薦 start a new life?

Private detective, I’m in love with a relationship liar

FCoin「交易即挖礦」的模式為何震撼了幣圈?When I met liu liang, I was driving out of the villa, the car to the halfway suddenly no air, the original is broken glass broken in the tire. Just when I admit bad luck, liu liang did not know from where blunt come out, pull my arm, the eye contain full deep feeling, he says, small min, you came back finally. Later, I learned that he was mistaken. Private detective, that day liu liang looks very lonely, he said, his wife has died for more than two years, he has been unable to get out of that shadow, and I look like her, so can’t help but put me as her. This affectionate man makes my heart inexplicably sad. It’s been four years since my husband cheated on me and divorced me. When liu liang left that day, he said he could have a call later. The result did not have how long, I go bar to amuse oneself, by rascal pester, hide in toilet to liu liang call, let him pick me up. Liu lianglai’s time is very men, he according to that rascal’s head is a bottle為何幣圈都用 Telegram? of wine, took my hand to run out. We raced through the night, feeling like elopement. It had been a long time since a woman my age had had such pure passion, and he kissed me when he stopped. I had the shyness of eighteen again. Liu liang asks, where is your car? I said it wasn’t fixed. He took a taxi to send me back to the villa, his eyes always fall on the gorgeous decoration. He said admiringly, lily, you are really rich. I just smiled. What can I say? Do I want to tell him, this villa is my friend, she goes abroad a year, let me live in his villa first, maintain a car regularly for her. Liu liang is very good to me, meticulous in life, huan love is also extremely gentle, many times, I want to tell him the truth, but still can not open his mouth. Liu liang told me that he would marry me when his company was in trouble and needed money to run it. He said that he did not want to miss me such a good woman, virtuous and sensible, considerate and im虛擬貨幣中的法幣-USDTplicit. I am no fool, of course understand what is going on, I just excuse, because ex-husband’s slander, my assets temporarily frozen. I have been more and more inseparable from him, although he put more emphasis on money, but his heart is true to me, sometimes, in the middle of the night, he will touch my face, gently kiss, from behind me to sleep, I just pretend not to wake up. Until one day, when I was dating liu liang, I met min in a western restaurant. Yes, min is not dead, she actually abandoned liu liang two years ago, with a rich man. Oh, liu liang, are you still doing this? This woman is your new one. Liu liang’s blush green again, feign is not comfortable, say to take me to go first. Originally, he is not the manager of what company, he is just a cheater, he deliberately in the villa group or the rich community on the road to put broken glass slag, if the tire was punctured is a woman, he said she was like his dead wife kind of lie. It i加密貨幣交易所(Cryptocurrency Exchanges)賺多少?s a pity that he is not good at cheating and is always found out. Liu liang never contacted me again, probably because he felt ashamed to see me. In fact, what about contact? My friend came back from abroad soon. I also returned the keys of the car and villa to her. Actually, I’m just a kindergarten teacher. I went back to my old life, only to think of liu liang from time to time, whether he loved me or not. That day a child in my class had a high fever, I sent to the hospital, met in a hurry to liu liang, he saw me, leng. Before leaving, liu liang pulled me, he said, in fact, I have been missing you. My tears almost fell out. He said, “I’m sorry, lily. I did it for my son. He was sick and sick. After I left you, I regret never doing that again. I have a stationery store now and I’m getting by. P.i. I turned around with tears in my eyes. Don’t you mind that I’m just a kindergarten teacher? I love you. Liu liang hugged me tightly, as if to embrace t幣安創辦人趙長鵬:首位登上 Forbes 封面的加密貨幣富豪!he whole world.

Newlywed night mother-in-law station door command my room

徵信社 跟蹤When I think of my wedding night, my heart fills with trepidation. It was a hot summer day and shunzi and I were married. Shunzi is our local famous silly boy, honest, honest. Shunzi was stimulated at a small time, the brain is somewhat stagnant, but he knows what things, but the response is relatively slow speech, but is called a fool. Of course, I wouldn’t marry a fool for nothing. I was born with a limp on my right leg. I am very beautiful, but a lot of men are taboo my legs, blind date many times have not succeeded, so finally to my resolution to marry shunzi. The day shunzi and I got married, the village was full of gossip. A group of children shouted around me, lame man married a fool, this will be a good show. Not only was I not sad, but I was very pleased with myself. I was so angry that I wanted to show them how shunzi and I could live a happy life. Fool how, this world’s happiest person is fool, and shunzi is not婦幼徵信社BLOG stupid. At the banquet, shunzi and I poured wine for the guests respectfully. Many people looked at us with that kind of eyes. Some of the young men joked with my mother-in-law that you were going to have to do a good job tonight. The mother-in-law smiled, of course, of course. We have a local custom, wedding night, the mother-in-law to help the bride make the bed, after the groom bride into the bridal chamber, the mother-in-law to wait outside the door, but also through the Windows and doors to command the son and daughter-in-law round house. This has two meanings, one is to give the child a final education before he becomes an adult, the other is to tell the daughter-in-law to obey the arrangement of her parents-in-law and not to be filial to the elderly, which is a wake-up call. That day, I was very excited. Especially in the evening, my heart began to beat. A lot of people gathered in the room to make fun of the weddi婦幼徵信ng room, and it was only after midnight that they gradually dispersed. There were still a few people hiding in the corner waiting to watch our play. Shunzi gently carried me to bed. About once the hour arrived, the mother-in-law began to carry out her “arrangement” outside the door. This thought that the mother-in-law is also go through the motions of separation, did not think she was very serious. The mother – in – law was born with a loud voice. Just turned off the light, the mother-in-law shouted outside, shunzi ah, quick turn on the light, less than time, you this silly boy, she began to swear. Shunzi hurriedly off the bed to turn on the light, I do not know how to return a responsibility, the light is broken, how to press the light is not bright, this can be anxious bad mother-in-law, kept outside Shouting. To prevent a joke, I asked shunzi to come in and explain to her. Shunzi just came in was a slap in the face by t徵信社費用he mother-in-law, finally forced shunzi lit a candle. Then, hiding in the corner of the bedroom, came a burst of ridicule. Then, the mother-in-law began to call me, qiu yun, help shunzi undressed. Ashamed, I whispered back, yes. But she did not hear, immediately amplified the sound of several times, and shouted, qiu yun, you heard not ah, quickly help shunzi undressed. Next is the mother-in-law one after another Shouting, outside the command. I didn’t sleep well all night. Dawn, and was awakened by the mother-in-law’s cry, repeat last night on a series of actions. The next morning, the story of our last night had spread all over the village and had become a source of gossip. Later, shunzi and I went to the town to do small business, earn a lot of money, I gave birth to a big boy for shunzi, did not expect a few years later, the child grew dexterous and beautiful, the day had a good shape, we in the eyes of the position slo婦幼徵信社wly promoted up.

Private detective, your husband cheated on you on your wedding night?

EOS盈幣寶Private detective, your husband cheated on you on your wedding night? Before we got married, chun sheng and I were in a long-distance relationship. He runs A fast food restaurant in city A, and I run A branch in city B. Long busy with work, seldom see each other. But we call so often that I don’t notice anything unusual. On my wedding day, an uninvited guest quietly appeared at my wedding with chun sheng. Private detective, but I didn’t see anything unusual at the time. For the woman, like all the other guests, was swallowed up in the crowd to watch our wedding in silence. Wedding night, my husband said he would accompany two friends from afar to talk, let me at home first muddied. Those two are his best friends, I think long DASH盈幣寶time no see, he is close at hand, chat is also appropriate. At midnight, chunsheng gave me a call, said one of the brothers kidney stone disease, distressed, took him to the hospital, let me rest first. I said why don’t I go and have a look? He said it was so late, you don’t come, later may transfer hospital. Busy so many days, I was very tired, did not think so much at that time, I first went to bed. At four o ‘clock in the morning, I was alarmed by the mobile phone ring, a woman said to me: “your husband in the XX hospital emergency room, you go quickly!” I immediately called chunsheng’s cell phone and turned it off. Call his friend cell phone, they said yesterday evening went back, not with chunsheng together. I immediatelyBTC盈幣寶 have a kind of foreboding foreboding, hurried to the hospital to catch up, to that ability discovery, the husband really matter, and big matter. Originally that night my husband lie fraud and friends together, in fact, and small three to secretly meet. Later in the hotel room, chunsheng and the woman attack a violent conflict, to the middle of the night, chunsheng because of drinking wine, plus very tired, imperceptibly fell asleep, after chunsheng fell asleep, the woman was excited, unexpectedly chunsheng’s lifeblood cut off. And so began all that followed. Small three is what I said before, inexplicable present on our wedding that uninvited guest. It started A year ago when the private detective, haruki, met the woman at A BSV盈幣寶sodality in city A and had an affair with her. After a can not be pushed, the woman finally fell in love with him unable to extricate oneself, see chunsheng and I married, the heart of the shame, think chunsheng fraud her feelings, thus leading to this unfortunate outcome. At present, chunsheng has been out of risk period, just finished surgery, is in recuperation period. The private detective told me about what had happened and had no further plans. I don’t know what will happen to him in the end. My feelings are mixed, but after all, I and chun sheng have feelings, I once helped him call the police, the woman will be free. At this stage, I will try my best to take care of him, comfort him, and stop the next step after he leaBRC盈幣寶ves the hospital.

Two years of boyfriend cheating, I want to recover worth it?

MOL盈幣寶We are both in graduate school and will graduate in one year. We have been together for two years. I have known him since I came to study here. Then we often chat and play together. He had a girlfriend at that time, and I kind of secretly liked him, but because he had a girlfriend, I kept it under the table. Later, he and his girlfriend because of the distance, no future, often quarrel, and then he moved to another love like me, after breaking up, he began to crazy chase me, I really have feelings for him, although the heart is very uncomfortable, or together. Later fall in love has been very happy, met the parents, ready to get married after graduation. By the way, his parents are very satisfied with me, but my parents are not very satisfied with him. They think his family is ordinary and he is a minority, and they are afraid that I will not be included and suffer injustice. However, my parents later found that I like him very much, and he is really good to me, so they acquiesced. Then feeling a little out of the question, started in April this year he went to a special busy department, also often contact with me at first, then contact is less and less, he always said he was very busy very tired, no energy to accompany me, my mother also advised me that man to spell career should be considerate, I let him start to habits of a person’s day. But miss him, so often I want to go to him he refused. At the end of may, we quarreled because of the problem of accompanying me. He said that my love made him feel tired and he wanted to give up. Later, when I went to find him for the last timeLINK盈幣寶, I had planned to part, I silently held him crying, he was silent for a long time said, can not break up, reluctant to give up. I also loathe to give up, agreed. In June and July, he was also busy, and I was also busy. The two people rarely met, but still I wanted to see him, and he refused to let me go more times. When I came home in August, he suddenly began to be very kind to me, with more phone calls and more care. At the end of August, because of the work, and a little unhappy, my family to find a relationship with him to do to stay in the hospital, he because of a variety of reasons (such as section is not satisfied ah, a little overestimate of their own ability) anyway a little trouble (later know the reason more than those). I take into account whether they help him hurt his self-esteem and what, but also especially distressed him. Then, in early September, I got a call from an accident that he had cheated on me. I called his mother. I told her that I had been with you for so long, trusted you so much, and done so much for you, that you were cheating on me. He was really angry with me and told me that he had just wanted to have fun with the girl, that he had never wanted to break up with me, and that he didn’t want me anymore because I was making things so big. Later, his parents took turns to call him, he was educated, repentance, to make up with me. I was also very reluctant, said that the girl broke up with us to make up, he said to give him a day to deal with. Result the next day, that girl calls him all the time make, call him to meet, his mother lets me go together, LA盈幣寶accompany him to face, I think, we should united front of, hence went. I knew the truth after meeting three people. It turned out that they had been carrying me for four months. They met in April, had an affair in May, and had sex since June. He said that he had been lying to the girl that he and I have been separated, lying to her that I later with him all kinds of contact, buy things, give things because I was in detainment…… Anyway, he told a lot of lies that he couldn’t remember. I was devastated, too, and I said, who the hell are you going to vote for, and then he was silent for a long time, and he said to me, let’s part. And then that night I basically broke down, crying, weak legs, and he had to take me back to his dorm. During the girl has been calling, he did not answer, coax me to go to bed, said everything tomorrow. Result midnight 10 o ‘clock many, the girl come to his dormitory to smash a door (the dormitory have others in), not let him follow her to go, he also breakdown, quarreled with the girl for a while to send her away. Before the girl left, she said, “well, I forgive you tonight, and we’ll talk about it later.” I watched these things all the time like a corpse. Talked under the next morning, we have a good, and he cried and said to me, don’t know what to do, don’t want to good, but only feel about this girl is so bad before (so-called points 4 times this two months, all because of me), his conscience, want to sin, now only a thought, so choose her. Later I was carried home by my father, said can not afford to lose this person == later in fact, I have been unHT盈幣寶willing to talk to him, the mood is good and bad. We analyzed the problems in our relationship and reached a consensus. But later I asked him how I was worse than her, he said, there is no comparison, people can not be compared to each other. Now divided half a month, I still forget him, sometimes could not help but contact with him, ask him now good, he said, not much good nor much bad. He also said, “stop asking me questions about the past. It’s annoying.” He said, hope and I when friend, slowly faded I return to normal. In fact, I do not know what I should do now, rational let me put down, emotional or not completely let go. A lot of pain. Private detective my advice is off. The important reason is: 1– he said long distance relationship has no future after breaking up with his real girlfriend, but, you know, it is to you he is moving on. Even if it is indeed a long-distance relationship no future, then, chasing you together, how there is no future? 2– behind with you have a split, and before and his ex-girlfriend is not the same origin of cheating it. 3– your family did something for him. Instead of being grateful, he was biting the hand that feeds him. If your family doesn’t help and only asks him to do things that are hard for him to do, his dignity will be damaged. 4– if you were in a state of fear when it came to light, the instinctive lie defense would have been fine. And he’s going to deal with breaking up with you. To put it seriously, the man is of bad character. Don’t dare to do. You also need to think about what your problems are (and more importantly, your relatioETH盈幣寶nship motivation).

What would you do to say goodbye to your beloved ex-girlfriend

taiwan detective徵信社He is married and is my college classmate. I’m divorced. I live alone. He chased me two years ago and we started an extramarital affair. We used to love each other very, very much, and for some objective reason he couldn’t get a divorce. I told the private detective about me, but in my heart I never asked him to marry me, as long as they loved each other. We good about a year later slowly broke up, the reason is that he can not bear, first, I will be because of the holidays he can not accompany me and he make; In addition, because I am divorced and single, there will be other suitors, although I only saw him at that time, how much he did not feel safe for me, ha ha. He never formally broke up with me. What he told me at that time was that our relationship was too heavy. He was too tired. Since then, we have less and less contact, we completely cut off contact six months ago. He returned to his family, and I have been thinking about him but I have never reached out to him. After we broke up, he told me several times that “it’s important for you to start a new life.” We are not in the same city now. Some time ago, after we had no contact for more than half a year, he called me suddenly, saying that he was on a business trip in a city near me for a few days. Therefore, we had to make phone calls for nearly 2 hours every day for several days, as if there were too many words to finish. On the phone, when I mentioned my relationship, I complained that he had come after medaaidetective徵信社 as a man with a family in the first place, and I was stupid to develop a relationship with him without considering the consequences. He said, “why do you say that?” When I offered to visit him, he agreed, but after a while he said he had thought it over and asked me not to go there, fearing that I would be too busy to take care of myself. At my insistence, he let me go. We met in his hotel room, and he was sensible enough not to engage in any intimacy other than a courtesy hug. We ate and talked together, which was very happy. He also took good care of me, but I could feel his self-control during our day together. On the one hand, I was relieved by his self-control. On the other hand, I felt unspeakable loss. I never wanted to have sex with him again, but as far as I know, he would at least hug me and kiss me, but no, hehe. When I went home, he took me to the airport. I just got into the airport, and he called me four or five times, but I didn’t get any. When I called him to ask if he was ok, he said he just wanted to know if I was ok. Wait for the plane just landed in my city, and received his message, asked me whether I have arrived… Of course, we never spoke again. My question was, why did he come to me after we had been out of touch for so long, and he struggled when I wanted to meet him? Why was he so self-possessed when he met me? What was his psychology? Oh, I have my own understanding but not sure, please have experience private detective to answer, thank you very much.

I found condoms in my husband’s bag today

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社My husband and I have been married for 9 years and have a 6-year-old son. Family life should have been happy, but I found myself living a particularly tired, in addition to the face of my son innocent smile when feeling a little happy, I feel that life is not a glimmer of hope! Considering how difficult it has been to come through these years. My husband does not go taiwan private detective徵信社home for dinner almost every day, with a girl 10 years younger than me every day on the phone, send text messages! I looked for that girl and told her that if she really liked my husband, I’d quit! I can file for divorce! Later, under my resolute attitude, things seemed to calm down. But my husband still doesn’t give me a second look at home, not to mention married lprivate detective agency徵信社ife. A year later, I accidentally found that they were still in contact! I saw condom in husband’s bag today, can imagine… What should I do? I was desperate. What should I do? Private detective answer: divorce. You sacrifice a lifetime of happiness for your child, and keep a dying marriage, rather than give him a happy single parent family. Don’t wait until he knowprivate detective agency徵信社s better to persuade you to pursue your own happiness, you have lost the capital. Your desperation shows that even if your husband is not having an affair, his heart is not on you or the family. Such a man, in addition to the monthly pay you, there is no other use? Let him pay child support, let you live. Two people trapped in a marriage die carry, lost the youth aftdetective agency徵信社er all is a woman.

Break up with boyfriend under impulse, save still have hope

筆跡鑑定BLOGI was introduced to my first boyfriend by my elders by chance. Neither of us had ever met and neither wanted to go on a blind date. Later on the chance to add WeChat, two people in WeChat above chat, found a special chat. I feel that the views, beliefs, expectations and views of the marriage are very much the same, and even many hobbies are the same. It felt like I’d been waiting for that person for years. We hadn’t met when we decided to go out. I met him for the first time on valentine’s day, and he took me to his house the next day to meet his family. I did not believe in one loving thing before, nor did we love one loving thing, but one eye lasts ten thousand years. It’s that warm feeling from the beginning. We are mixed with the premise that marry, affection progress is very fast also, plan good end of the year decide, marry of next year, he says he comes over the impetuous age that look right and left sees, affirm a person is to be treated when the wife. But we were long-distance, and he was five years older than me, and he was the kind of person who was mature and responsible, and I had never been in a relationship. Also because of the work environment for a long time depressed, he is always in a closed state, always unable to express himself in front of him. For example, when chatting, I always talk about other people’s things. I just want to express myself, but I cannot express myself. I like him very much, but I am very restrained in front of him. In front owww.daaidetective.comf him is always very impetuous, and then very not confident. But in daily life will not be like this, want to break through, but hard to find an outlet, there is pressure, and do not know that is pressure. Always report good news but not bad news. Then we went on a trip together, which was kind of our first official date. We had been dating for only a month. As soon as I met, I was not normal. I just thought well before the meeting. But that’s not the case with him, and he may not be wearing the right clothes. I deliberately wore a skirt because I wanted to date him without climbing the mountain. As a result, he was wearing casual clothes, which made me even more uncomfortable. I suddenly don’t know how to face him, and then there will be a sense of panic, just want to get close, not close, in front of him is always very restrained. The whole person is abnormal. He wants to buy me a gift I also don’t want, he wants to buy me a snack I also say not to eat. And then we eat, and he asks me what I eat and I don’t give an opinion. I felt that he was not very happy, and then I told him that we were going to get married later, because my marital phobia worsened. I was better without a boyfriend before, but I was even more afraid with a boyfriend. I really wanted to marry him, and I don’t know why I said that. The more you want to approach him, the more you restrain him, the more you avoid him, the more you resist him. Including a little intimate time, my psychology can accep政府立案徵信社t, but just feel oneself should resist, then I even asked a sentence: how many women have you slept with! I clearly do not like to doubt the person, also do not care about the past, do not know why I like that. The mind cannot control the action. I gave him a me who was always submissive to him, and then he said I had nothing of my own. I always do not express their own views, especially the kind of self, without his own personality. But actually in my daily life is not like that, a little, single is not so serious. Maybe because of the work environment, I always press myself very hard. Plus, I was busy with work before, and all my energy was put into it. It affected me, especially people, almost affected my social personality. Later, the second day of the trip, I felt he was suddenly special to me. He is always active in our communication. He greets me three meals a day, calls me every day, and sends me messages whenever he is free. I am always very passive. Even I did not expect love before, because of the lack of their own sense of security, always afraid of falling in love with a person, I always especially suppress myself. After he was cold to me at that time, I had a sense of panic, I think he must be very disappointed with me, so want to give up (he did not even hold my hand when he went back), so want to slowly cold, considering that I am a girl’s face, so do not directly say. Then I went back and cried for a few hours, when he should have just got home, and I徵信社價錢 called him, and if he didn’t want to, I didn’t want to break up with cold violence, which was the most unbearable state for me. I was talking about my experience, and I was a little incoherent, and he cut me off, and he said why don’t I talk about myself. I don’t know how to express it. Then I said I knew he was particularly unhappy this time, he said he felt that two people always can’t talk together, he said it’s ok, we are not in a hurry to get married, also can slowly running-in, and then I said we later reduce contact, you don’t have to give me three meals a day greetings, he said he understood, back to the position of friends. That moment I panic, in fact, I do not want to express that meaning, I just struggle to find the exit, want to calm down. But there was no explanation. I went through a particularly painful few days, and then I suddenly understood something. I contacted him on my own initiative. I told him my previous reasons, but I was not very clear about them. I was still not stable at that time. I redeem, he rejected me, he said can only say sorry. He said that his pursuit of love is easy and happy, if it becomes a knot in the heart, the heart tired, afraid he said that it may be due to his sensitivity to feelings, cowardice and escape. And then I said, “I tired you too.” He said a little. Later I said give me another chance, he said he was always there, he gave me time, he was always there. I think for many days, still do not know what he means, this is still hope?

Creditor’s right debt form knows how much

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社According to the occurrence basis of debt, it can be divided into contractual debt and non-contractual debt. Contractual liabilities include both those arising directly from the agreement between the parties and those arising from a complex legal structure. The occurrence of this kind of debt depends on the will of both parties and is the legal consequence of the parties’ initiative and enthusiasm in social and economic activities. Non-contractual debt is based on other specific legal facts (injury, unjust enrichment, management without cause). The practical significance of this classification is that different legal provisions apply to each kind of debt. The contract legal norm applies to the contract debt to organize and guarantee the realization of the economic relationship between the parties in the civil circulation determined by the relationship of commodity currency. And the legal norm that prescribes non – contract debt basically has the nature of legal protection. The scope of application of the two types of specifications is different. Single debt and majority debt can be divided into single debt and majority debt according to the number of subjects on both sides of the debt. A single debt is one that is owed by both the creditor and debtor. If there is more than one person in one party, or several people in both parties, the debt is the debt of the majority. For example, when two farmers buy a car together, the debt fortaiwan detective台灣徵信社med between them and the seller is the debt of the majority. The significance of this classification lies in the different complexity of the relationship between the two types of debt. The relationship of a single debt is relatively simple, and the rights and obligations between the parties are relatively clear. The relationship between the debt of the majority is generally more complex, not only the rights and obligations between the creditor and debtor, but also the internal rights and obligations of one party (or both parties) of the majority. Correctly determining the debt of the single and the debt of the majority is conducive to determining the specific rights and obligations of each party participating in the debt relationship. By debt and joint and several this is a classification of the debts of the majority. According to the majority party each person to the creditor’s right or the debt inheritance situation, may divide into by the share debt and the joint debt. Debt by shares means that several creditors or debtors enjoy the creditor’s right or assume the debt according to a certain share. If several creditors enjoy the claim in shares, it is a claim in shares; If several debtors bear obligations by shares, it is by shares. Joint and several debt is the debt that most creditors or debtors have the right to ask the debtor to pay off all debts or have the obligation to pay off all debts, that is, there is a joint relationprivate detective台灣徵信社ship between creditors or debtors. If there is a joint relationship between the creditors, it is called joint and several claims; If there is a joint and several relationship between debtors, said joint and several debt. Joint and several debts can be caused by legal act or directly stipulated by law. Such as “general principles of the civil law” in paragraph 2 of article 35 of the partners are jointly and severally liable for the debts of the partnership, except as otherwise provided by law “is produced directly by the law of joint and several debt choice of debt and the debt of choose according to the subject matter whether you need to choose the debt, debt can be divided into choosing debt and choose of the debt. The debt of choice means that the party to the debt needs to choose one of the two or more subjects to pay. Once the party who has the option in the debt of choice chooses one of the subjects, both parties must perform according to the selected subject. A debt of choice can only be exercised if the party who has the option chooses it. The one party that has option can choose only commonly, once choose, cannot choose again, both sides can press the mark that chooses only to perform. Failure by the obligor to perform in accordance with the selected subject matter constitutes improper performance. Non-selective debt refers to debt whose subject matter is a specific subject matter. In the debt that cannot be chosen, the deprivate detectives台灣徵信社btor should do only one thing, nothing else, simpler, also called simple debt. When the party entitled to exercise the option in the debt of choice exercises the option, or only one possible performance of the subject matter of the debt remains, the debt of choice becomes an unselectable debt. Specific and generic debts this is a classification of debts in which things are objects. According to whether the object of a debt is a specific thing or a kind of thing, it can be divided into specific debt and kind debt. A debt to a particular object is a debt to a particular object. The subject matter of a specific debt is an irreplaceable thing that cannot be replaced by another. In the case of a debt for the transfer of a particular property, the ownership of the property may be transferred by law or by agreement from the date of establishment of the debt. A kind of debt is a kind of debt. The species shall be determined by the degree, quantity and balance, and may be replaced by the same quantity and quality. What creditor asks debtor to deliver is the thing that accords with specified nature only. Thus, it is only upon delivery that the debtor determines exactly what is to be delivered to the creditor. The droit of subject matter also can be only with deliver when just happening is transferred, turn from debtor creditor. The difference between a kind of debt and a specific debt is that ownership can only be transferred when the objecprivate detectives台灣徵信社t is specified.