Newlywed night mother-in-law station door command my room

徵信社 跟蹤When I think of my wedding night, my heart fills with trepidation. It was a hot summer day and shunzi and I were married. Shunzi is our local famous silly boy, honest, honest. Shunzi was stimulated at a small time, the brain is somewhat stagnant, but he knows what things, but the response is relatively slow speech, but is called a fool. Of course, I wouldn’t marry a fool for nothing. I was born with a limp on my right leg. I am very beautiful, but a lot of men are taboo my legs, blind date many times have not succeeded, so finally to my resolution to marry shunzi. The day shunzi and I got married, the village was full of gossip. A group of children shouted around me, lame man married a fool, this will be a good show. Not only was I not sad, but I was very pleased with myself. I was so angry that I wanted to show them how shunzi and I could live a happy life. Fool how, this world’s happiest person is fool, and shunzi is not婦幼徵信社BLOG stupid. At the banquet, shunzi and I poured wine for the guests respectfully. Many people looked at us with that kind of eyes. Some of the young men joked with my mother-in-law that you were going to have to do a good job tonight. The mother-in-law smiled, of course, of course. We have a local custom, wedding night, the mother-in-law to help the bride make the bed, after the groom bride into the bridal chamber, the mother-in-law to wait outside the door, but also through the Windows and doors to command the son and daughter-in-law round house. This has two meanings, one is to give the child a final education before he becomes an adult, the other is to tell the daughter-in-law to obey the arrangement of her parents-in-law and not to be filial to the elderly, which is a wake-up call. That day, I was very excited. Especially in the evening, my heart began to beat. A lot of people gathered in the room to make fun of the weddi婦幼徵信ng room, and it was only after midnight that they gradually dispersed. There were still a few people hiding in the corner waiting to watch our play. Shunzi gently carried me to bed. About once the hour arrived, the mother-in-law began to carry out her “arrangement” outside the door. This thought that the mother-in-law is also go through the motions of separation, did not think she was very serious. The mother – in – law was born with a loud voice. Just turned off the light, the mother-in-law shouted outside, shunzi ah, quick turn on the light, less than time, you this silly boy, she began to swear. Shunzi hurriedly off the bed to turn on the light, I do not know how to return a responsibility, the light is broken, how to press the light is not bright, this can be anxious bad mother-in-law, kept outside Shouting. To prevent a joke, I asked shunzi to come in and explain to her. Shunzi just came in was a slap in the face by t徵信社費用he mother-in-law, finally forced shunzi lit a candle. Then, hiding in the corner of the bedroom, came a burst of ridicule. Then, the mother-in-law began to call me, qiu yun, help shunzi undressed. Ashamed, I whispered back, yes. But she did not hear, immediately amplified the sound of several times, and shouted, qiu yun, you heard not ah, quickly help shunzi undressed. Next is the mother-in-law one after another Shouting, outside the command. I didn’t sleep well all night. Dawn, and was awakened by the mother-in-law’s cry, repeat last night on a series of actions. The next morning, the story of our last night had spread all over the village and had become a source of gossip. Later, shunzi and I went to the town to do small business, earn a lot of money, I gave birth to a big boy for shunzi, did not expect a few years later, the child grew dexterous and beautiful, the day had a good shape, we in the eyes of the position slo婦幼徵信社wly promoted up.


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