Private detective, I’m in love with a relationship liar

FCoin「交易即挖礦」的模式為何震撼了幣圈?When I met liu liang, I was driving out of the villa, the car to the halfway suddenly no air, the original is broken glass broken in the tire. Just when I admit bad luck, liu liang did not know from where blunt come out, pull my arm, the eye contain full deep feeling, he says, small min, you came back finally. Later, I learned that he was mistaken. Private detective, that day liu liang looks very lonely, he said, his wife has died for more than two years, he has been unable to get out of that shadow, and I look like her, so can’t help but put me as her. This affectionate man makes my heart inexplicably sad. It’s been four years since my husband cheated on me and divorced me. When liu liang left that day, he said he could have a call later. The result did not have how long, I go bar to amuse oneself, by rascal pester, hide in toilet to liu liang call, let him pick me up. Liu lianglai’s time is very men, he according to that rascal’s head is a bottle為何幣圈都用 Telegram? of wine, took my hand to run out. We raced through the night, feeling like elopement. It had been a long time since a woman my age had had such pure passion, and he kissed me when he stopped. I had the shyness of eighteen again. Liu liang asks, where is your car? I said it wasn’t fixed. He took a taxi to send me back to the villa, his eyes always fall on the gorgeous decoration. He said admiringly, lily, you are really rich. I just smiled. What can I say? Do I want to tell him, this villa is my friend, she goes abroad a year, let me live in his villa first, maintain a car regularly for her. Liu liang is very good to me, meticulous in life, huan love is also extremely gentle, many times, I want to tell him the truth, but still can not open his mouth. Liu liang told me that he would marry me when his company was in trouble and needed money to run it. He said that he did not want to miss me such a good woman, virtuous and sensible, considerate and im虛擬貨幣中的法幣-USDTplicit. I am no fool, of course understand what is going on, I just excuse, because ex-husband’s slander, my assets temporarily frozen. I have been more and more inseparable from him, although he put more emphasis on money, but his heart is true to me, sometimes, in the middle of the night, he will touch my face, gently kiss, from behind me to sleep, I just pretend not to wake up. Until one day, when I was dating liu liang, I met min in a western restaurant. Yes, min is not dead, she actually abandoned liu liang two years ago, with a rich man. Oh, liu liang, are you still doing this? This woman is your new one. Liu liang’s blush green again, feign is not comfortable, say to take me to go first. Originally, he is not the manager of what company, he is just a cheater, he deliberately in the villa group or the rich community on the road to put broken glass slag, if the tire was punctured is a woman, he said she was like his dead wife kind of lie. It i加密貨幣交易所(Cryptocurrency Exchanges)賺多少?s a pity that he is not good at cheating and is always found out. Liu liang never contacted me again, probably because he felt ashamed to see me. In fact, what about contact? My friend came back from abroad soon. I also returned the keys of the car and villa to her. Actually, I’m just a kindergarten teacher. I went back to my old life, only to think of liu liang from time to time, whether he loved me or not. That day a child in my class had a high fever, I sent to the hospital, met in a hurry to liu liang, he saw me, leng. Before leaving, liu liang pulled me, he said, in fact, I have been missing you. My tears almost fell out. He said, “I’m sorry, lily. I did it for my son. He was sick and sick. After I left you, I regret never doing that again. I have a stationery store now and I’m getting by. P.i. I turned around with tears in my eyes. Don’t you mind that I’m just a kindergarten teacher? I love you. Liu liang hugged me tightly, as if to embrace t幣安創辦人趙長鵬:首位登上 Forbes 封面的加密貨幣富豪!he whole world.


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