Woman, please be kind to the man who has slept with you

USDTJust brokenhearted wheat with a mocking expression to the girlfriends said: “the man is old is the heart is powerless, Z every time the ‘battle’ did not exceed 20 minutes, fortunately, I left early, let the goblin waiting for the widowed go. The woman that is defeated in love, always try to save face after breaking up, disguise oneself not rare other party. But there is no impermeable wall in the world, and wheat’s mockery reaches Z’s ears. Z who had not contacted for a long time took the initiative to find the wheat, in the phone to ask: “you are really stupid, we had a bed is the most intimate person, you describe me so unbearable, what benefit do you have? The gentleman part company does not have evil words, finally private detective remonyses advise you 1: be kind to the man that had slept with you.” Wheat suddenly felt ashamed. They had been the closest, as long as he had seen the “left side” of her ass that had left her tooth marks as a child, and as long as he had known that when she had hemorrhoids she would have difficulty walking because of friction. He controlled her absolute privacy, but he never made fun of her. No matter what mistakes Z had made before, he was much more generous than wheat in dealingTRX with people. In fact, men are far smarter at dealing with the aftermath of love. “She makes me want to die. It’s great,” he says of a woman who has had a physical encounter, always with a weird smile. Men clearly know, and I have sex with the quality of women resolution of his quality, vision, talent and brawn. Surrendering an ordinary “pork chop” is no easy feat. Surrendering a sexy creature requires a lot of luck and discipline. So even if his opponent was a dinosaur, he would later describe her as a fairy, and even if she wasn’t very good in bed, he would declare how fierce she was. About with oneself had the woman of the joy of fish and water, although did not have love, the man’s heart still put a gentle existence. After becoming the lover of Louis xv in 7145, madame pompidou’s relationship lasted 19 years until her death, during which time he had numerous new lovers, and his love for her had long since been divided among his beautiful young lovers. When madame pompidou complained about the romance of Louis xv, the lady in court consoled her, saying, “however much the king may have liked new women, he used to be used to your stairs, and he liked to go up and down your stairs.” As the king of a country, he haOKBs numerous harem beauties, who visit him occasionally, but only to leave some affection and comfort for his aged and decrepit lover. Men are often much more affectionate and kinder when it comes to relationships. The woman thinks to be loyal to love, on the bed affair question, actually is more than the man’s feeling negative righteousness. When she is in love, she likes to use her body as a bargaining chip, seducing him to flirt with him and surrendering him in bed. She likes to use the body as a tool to stop his touch to enter as punishment. After breaking up, she likes to take the body as a form of paper, a few words to cry out “I meet him when menstruation, how can he do this to me? “He likes SM and I try to match them. What’s wrong with him?” “If not him, I how can get cervicitis, the man have no a good thing!” The boudoir affair, which a man least wishes to reveal, is laid bare in a woman’s accusation of sympathy. The original woman not only like to punish men with sex, also like to rely on fun to revenge the man, she did not care to destroy the image, from the privacy also want to let the former boyfriend can not recover after a fall. It’s like a gambler betting on sex, winning high and losing high. There cNEOould not be a more unprofessional gambler. In an American movie, a man and a woman meet in a bar and have a one-night stand. All that was on the table was a hot breakfast, with a note under the toast saying “Have a nice day!” Even though he could hardly remember her face, or her drunken and confused sexual feelings, or, in a moment of waking up, his feelings of excitement and regret for himself, were finally dissolved by her kindness. He even proudly announced to his friends, “hey, I had a great affair last night.” Even if there is no love as the premise, we have at least been touched by the moment when the decision is made to be naked and not to be confused with each other. Private detectives believe that we have built the most unprotected intimate relationship in the course of a single night or 10 years. Just as all mothers think that the child who has been stationed in my womb is the best, he who has entered your body is also distinguished from others by his close contact with zero interval, and should be cherished and maintained. After making love, can not do high praise, occasional visit or smile wish, so at least keep it secret, treat the man you have slept with, ability to clarify your mind and body trust wMOLhen the cautious.


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