My father-in-law got drunk and assaulted me as a husband

盈幣寶My father-in-law got drunk and assaulted me as a husband. Beautiful I in the love era, around the men like flies to drive away a wave and a wave, during, there are some men comprehensive force can still, but in the mother ‘marry a rich man’ under the influence of the view of marriage, I have been to love to maintain the ‘non-rich second generation’ not love purposes. A chance opportunity to meet a rich second generation, I would like to firmly grasp the opportunity, even when playing swollen face (loves, a private investigator must admit, converting it into the whole process of marriage, I love very hard, thought to give up halfway, but think of the future of material life, still insist teeth, in the end, after a year of mutual break-in, we married. After marriage, I arrive father-in-law unit to go to work, the husband still does his son elder brother, whole day is dissociated in a lot of color female head of a bed, to this, I can weep silently only. My husband once told me, “拆分盤I’m not the most beautiful woman he’s ever slept with. The reason I chose to marry me is because I’m good-natured and can play dumb.” One day, father-in-law came to my house, I hurried to the kitchen to cook, vaguely heard father-in-law and husband in the discussion of men and women, I was very embarrassed. During the meal, my father-in-law and husband toasted me repeatedly. Although I could feel what would happen next, I could not refuse to persuade. Sure enough, under the influence of alcohol, I’m a little dizzy, at this moment, my father-in-law was a pail waist, covered in alcohol came at me, I didn’t cry, pray but looked at her husband, hope he can rescue me, however, her husband is sitting on the couch still, when grandfather solution my pajamas, husband, aside from lu. I accepted the insult with tears. I wanted a rich family life like this and suddenly found myself a joke. In the day after, father-in-law often comes to my home, every time when my husband’s face will pres交易所s the bed, when the humiliation into a habit, I also gradually numb. Recently, I met a divorced man through online chat. I was deeply touched by his good looks and kindness. My love for him grew rapidly in the online world, and I even drove to his city to meet him several times. I tried to have sex with him, but he refused. He said he would never touch me until I got divorced because he didn’t want me to be a bad girl. Status quo, I want to divorce, but in front of parents difficult to talk about the reasons for divorce, for this, my parents scold me cheap. Since childhood, I have been growing up under the instructions of my parents, this time, can I be myself? Private detective: material is the guarantee of life, affection is the foundation of marriage, without one, therefore, people in the process of choosing marriage, material and emotional to take into account, to find a balance point. Obviously, in the stage of your love, you know your husband is rich, but also a lover, y比特大陸ou fall into the eyes of money, doomed your marriage will be a tragedy. You need relative equality between your husband and your children, but you seem to have no voice in your marriage, and you are led by your husband with the worship of money. No bottom line of endure humiliation will be looked down upon, every day at those cold money, your tears, can only go to the stomach pharynx, in front of everyone, but also a hard too rich happiness. In fact, you have been tired of the current life, but you do not give up the lack of money, so choose to continue to tolerate in marriage, until a man who understands you, you found that love can be another form of the original, for this, you are willing to love to try a loss of money. A beast than the husband, a love heavy taste bedroom, they did not take you seriously, since there is no at least respect, such a marriage is an inexhaustible ticket, not worth mentioning. Divorce, can strive for some material to strive for point, not to als盈幣寶週報(2019/08/11-2019/08/16)o do not matter.


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