Private detective, what if the husband has an affair? detective, what if the husband has an affair? Modern women often experience career, love, even marriage confusion and confusion, even do not know how to choose? What’s the way forward? Sometimes they want to fly, and sometimes they want to live quietly. Little imagine, ideal and reality is the twin body of contradiction, which itself is a kind of contradiction and struggle. Men have no career life is better than dead, women have no economic independence without personality independence! So, once the husband has an affair, the woman you want more wonderful! Ask: husband night not end result, how should I do? A: you don’t have to ask. He is an adult with the ability to control his behavior. As long as he doesn’t have the bad habit of driving while drunk, I believe he will have a warm place tonight. Q: what should I do if he sleeps with another woman? Answer: still that sentence: you need not ask at all, need not tube. The marriage act does not deprive a married person of the right to sleep with the opposite sex outside of marriage. The law does not prohibit it. As long as he is not a party member leading cadres, you do not have any legal or policy basis, can investigate whether he slept with other women. But, the husband and other woman sleep, that is to my harm, I will be very painful, I will be very angry! A: you’re miserable, you’re angry, it’s all your fault. Because you see your husband as your personal property, do not allow others to share, so you pain; You are angry because you did not take good care of your husband, and he had to find another woman to make up for it and left you out in the cold. If you are generous and regard your husband’s success as your contribution to society, you will not suffer. If you first reflect on yourself and what you have done for your husband, especially in bed, you will stop getting angry. Because you’ll soon know that you’re not doing as well as the other woman, at least in bed. Q: is having an affair forgivable? A: bonnie weil and Ruth venter, American marriage experts, have written a book on the subject, “infidelity, forgivable sin.” But what you need to deal with most is not the question of forgiveness, but the question of what to do about it. Q: what should I do about it? Answer: still that sentence: you need not ask at all, need not tube. Or to add: you don’t need to be miserable or angry at all. It was as if nothing had happened. Q: but I can’t. A: if you can’t do it, you’ve lost yourself. Q: what do you mean? A: the husband is not your whole life, you are your whole. Husband has an affair, you don’t want to eat, don’t want to drink, don’t want to live, you still have self? Q: so what should I do? Answer: very simple: should eat to eat, should wear to wear, should play to play, should seek professional development to seek actively, everything does not delay, even you still can have your affection sex to entrust. In a word, to live more wonderful, because you are not born for him, not for him. Q: but does that make sense? A: certainly. Because the meaning of marriage is never a fixed constant, in different stages of life, the meaning of marriage is completely different. Q: how do you understand? Private detective answer: marriage in the different stages of life, has at least four different meanings: one is the process meaning, that is, in the existing social system, a person to a certain age, must perform the “marriage” process. Do not marry, do not perform this process, you become a kind of alternative, all基隆徵信社推薦 day long to be said; The second is the significance of procreation. In a country where the social pension system is not perfect, and you cannot legally obtain children and heirs without marrying, the “dead child” is still a very sad thing. Therefore, in order to have a legal blood descendant, you have to marry. The third is the meaning of “common economy”. After all, marriage still plays an important economic function today. The fourth is the meaning of “grow old together”, until the age of 50 or 60, what can not do, at this time, the old husband and wife depend on each other, just show the most important significance of marriage. Ask: you speak these meaning, and my husband’s affair have what relation? A: too much. As long as your husband does not ask for divorce due to an affair, your marriage can play its due positive role for you on schedule, and your marriage will have the prospect of “sustainable development” — your husband allows you to fulfill the basic process of life, you are not an alternative; The husband helped you give birth to oneself consanguinity descendant, you no longer body and mind is lonely; Your husband has improved your economic dominance in this society. You no longer have to endure the hardships of life alone. And to the husband and you have two temples white time, I guarantee that he will never have an affair, he will be with you to enjoy old age. You see, the four great meanings of marriage exist in your marriage. What else do you need to be miserable or angry about? Ask: but, he treat that woman better than I, he often go to accompany her in the evening! Answer: that is temporary, he can not accompany her for a lifetime, he can not have an affair for a lifetime! As long as he doesn’t ask for a divorce,台北徵信社推薦 it means he has stored you in his bones, that he still regards you as the final destination of his life and as his home. And the affair that he happens at present, it is a man however sex, with the girl that encounter accidentally can play. Ask: that I this do a wife of, be not to exist in name only? Answer: don’t say so scary, you “dead” what? If there is a “death”, you are at best, but lost a happy bed. And having fun in bed, according to the six functions of marriage listed by the All-China Women’s Federation, doesn’t include sex. That is to say, according to China’s official concept of marriage, “sexual music” is unrelated to marriage. So, in the practical sense of marriage, you have nothing to lose. Ask: but I also have that respect request ah, he gave other woman, how can I not painful! Answer: this is your wrong. Did the husband stop you? Is there a law against you? Have you been exposed? As long as you are not the leading cadre of great my party (the communist party of China has a great party discipline: forbid leading cadre to produce illegitimate sexual relations), so, you should stem what stem what! In a word: the husband has an affair, you want more wonderful! Anyway, the marriage is your, as long as you do not divorce, the husband in the outside play enough, or finally live with you. The so-called “come out to mix, always want to return”. So, you must calm down, with time to return to everything! But you just have to be yourself, don’t wear makeup and don’t go out every day, don’t change a new suit every day, don’t feel confident and don’t go out every day. Zhang ailing, a famous writer, once said: “a man chooses a woman, absolutely not because she is beautiful inside, but because the woman’s external image brings him 新北徵信社推薦a good feeling.


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