Affair investigation: a woman’s confession of an extramarital affair

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社Affair investigation: a woman’s confession of an extramarital affair. I am a woman that has extramarital affair, I understand oneself fell in love with the person that does not belong to me in this life, do not know oneself calculate not to be a bad woman. But one thing I know for sure is that I love him with all my heart and with no regrets. I do not understand why I can have such a deep attachment to him, I like his words and deeds, every move, like his smile and his everywhere show the male courage. He is a good man, is a man of heart of career and family obligations, and this is why I love him, one of I love he doesn’t want to destroy their family, don’t want to hurt anyone, I don’t like living in the dream and the woman in the dream, also know fall in love with a shouldn’t love people will form the negative impact, more know clearly to be feared. For the love without result, for we are not to face the heart of the guilty family, we have gained, and hoping, accept love each other’s pain and suffering, the separation, he said you are a good woman, I shouldn’t provoke you, I said it’s not your fault, he said that I give you sing a song, please, my heart is smiling to home in tears aftertaiwan detective台灣徵信社 hearing the song, and then I was ill. So repeated after a period of time after the departure, did not expect our feelings not only decline, but increasingly deepened. He said why people can not have two love, I agree. At this point break up again failure, declare complete failure. He is a man who is not good at talking to women and expressing his feelings. He does not have the delicate heart of southern men towards women. He cannot make women happy or understand women’s scheming. He is the kind of woman heart to feel and understand the man, just heart will feel his true and his love, from his eyes will see his love for you. I remember that autumn I came back from a business trip, to the station time to two o ‘clock in the morning, he said to come to pick me up, I said it was not too late, he said nothing I go to pick you up, I understand him, he does not like the confession, like the real in the do, to anyone so sincere. Never thought the train was delayed for nearly two hours, he is from another city driving hurried there at twelve o ‘clock, when I walked exit see standing in the autumn wind howling in the gaze towards him when I step by step, the moment I’m impressed, really, really waprivate detective台灣徵信社nt to go up and gave him a big hug at that time, but I suppress the himself, hidden tears smile he and I each other understand each other, so that night I couldn’t help but made his lover. I remember someone said, true love is not requited, you feel wronged, when it is a release of the feelings. I also have wronged time, after all, I am not a perfect woman, I again and again of transposition consideration, think I if he will do, so I will gradually understand him, including him, also give myself to find a psychological balance reason, to comfort myself. But when I called him, he never let you despair. Sometimes it was inconvenient to answer the phone. He would call you right then and there. It didn’t make any sense, but it was good enough for a man of his character. He is a competitive and self-esteem is particularly strong person, or a domineering person, is an economic mind, very confident career oriented man. In life is not a casual man, he often escape from the boring entertainment and recreational place back home, he loves his home, his wife and his son, he will not pour out his frustration and pressure to his wife, he is a man of difficult prop himself, when speaking of son, and hisprivate detectives台灣徵信社 face will show that, the proud happy expression. He is a man that lets a woman can rely on, have safe feeling, although he is not the kind of man that understands a woman scheming, but with him together you are very relaxed, what all need not think, also need not tube, he can decorate very good, ha ha, have bit of domine, but I like this domine. We are lovers, but more like a friend, little chance to meet, in fact everyone in the mind is very understand, the time was invented by himself, we don’t give I deliberately invented many time to meet, we must control himself, hold good limit, is what I look forward to every day and looking forward to, but also understand a lot of can’t, after all, he does not belong to me. This love is both tired and painful, but since the choice, will not regret, when the pain will adjust my state of mind, you will understand that this love has sweet and happy, leisure time to think at the same time happy bit by bit, after all, is a wonderful memory, I just want to cherish the fate. Thank god for letting me know you. It’s good to know you. I don’t know where this relationship will go, so let it go. That’s all a private investigator can tell you about a woman whprivate detectives台灣徵信社o had an affair.


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