Can love with a popular lover “blossom and bear fruit”?

Men like to keep an affair with a lot of women. It seems that this is a good way to show the advantages of their lovers, but for the women who really love them, can they tolerate this? And this man’s love has “blossomed”? Finally, I couldn’t help talking about my relationship. Being with him is both a blessing and a torment. He is a considerate and humorous boy, his brain is full of all kinds of endless wonderful ideas, always can catch everyone’s attention with unexpected behavior language, in our small circle, he undoubtedly gathered all the eyes. I was attracted to him in large part because he was funny and cute. Of course, he has many other virtues besides kindness, concentration, integrity and so on. I thought life with him would be very rich, full of laughter and laughter every day. But unexpectedly, because of his thoughtfulness and hum徵信社or, he also kept peach blossoms around him, which became the biggest problem that bothered me. He seemed accustomed to this phenomenon, and I hinted several times that I didn’t like it. He responded very quietly and even thought I was fussy. ‘by choosing to be with me, I’ve decided that I won’t and won’t do anything underground,’ he said. Normal interaction between friends hope I do not do more association. But a woman’s natural sixth sense tells me that he is not as open as he says he is. So what puzzled me was that, whether he admitted it or not, he did enjoy flirting with other women, but he was as attentive to me as ever. I’m not sure if he’s just enjoying his addiction or if the current temptations aren’t enough to keep him on track in the future. It is undeniable that there are many qualities in him that make me fall in LOVE. Therefore, 婦幼徵信社I would like to ask Dr. LOVE and this kind of public lover’s LOVE can “blossom and bear fruit”? P.i believe this problem is not only bothering you, but also troubling other women. First of all, we want to know, the man under the domination of male hormones or contact or dominant, but have no doubt there is a strong conquer and vanity, successful career, the appearance of bright eye, and significant personal charm can bring their countless applause and attention, this is to meet their conquest the main source of desire and vanity. Can say is a kind of instinct, also be the motive force that the man makes unremitting efforts for. So when the man encounters someone to express good feeling to its, in the heart affirmation dark cool, this also is human nature. However, the difference between special feeling and sentimental is that special feeling p婦幼徵信社BLOGeople can control themselves in the face of others, to the family and lover is responsible for the appropriate decline others; Passionate people push the boat, in time. So you want to see your face whether he is a what kind of person, your confidence in this relationship, the key from his observation, understanding and the corresponding judgement, if he just satisfied with the opposite sex to his attention and fans, inner stability, that you can put one hundred and twenty heart, enough to trust him, and full of confidence to oneself, is the biggest source of security; If he enjoys not only flirting with other people but also taking the initiative and courting others, he should think clearly. It is better to explicitly warn him that you really don’t like his close and frequent interactions with the opposite sex. You should let him know and valu徵信社費用e your feelings.


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