A word from the sister-in-law made my husband never touch me again

LINKI really fast disintegrate, don’t want divorce how should I do? In June of this year, the sister-in-law divorced and went back to her parents’ home with the child. In fact, to put it bluntly, is to live in my house. Private detective, I bought the house before we got married, but after we got married we lived with my mother-in-law. Her husband said she could let her live here for a while. I was unhappy, but I allowed it. Sister-in-law came to live in my study, a tatami. Her son this year 9 years old, very like to move my things, eat time can turn over the bowl of food, only pick his own love to eat, a pair of uneducated appearance to make me look very uncomfortable, but sister-in-law also never say once. Since he came, the mother-in-law will always be delicious to the grandson, she said he is a guest. My son was left out in the cold. More exasperating is, his son likes to move things, not to move my makeup is to move my computer, but also rob my son’s toys hit my son. One night he play my computer, sister-in-law in the middle of the night to her children cursed a few, husband and mother-in-law thought she had what happened, rushed to the study to see the computer that unbearable scene – is playing me and former boyfriend a close video. I hide those photos and video in a very humble little folder, how he found it!! I hurried over to turn off the computer. Then he had a big fight with me and asked me what was wrong. I said he was an ex-boyfriend, but he just couldn’t believe it. He said he was at least 30 years older than me. How could he be a boyfriend? I said boyfriend, and is the first love he gave me a lot of memories, so I did not want to delete those photos. He asked me how I had the ability toLA buy a house, the original is a piece of skin. His words too bad, I angrily take things hit him, the result of my mother-in-law out scold me shameless, I and my mother-in-law also quarreled. Sister-in-law in the side of the quarrel said: perhaps younger brother and sister young not sensible, which young people do not make mistakes, can change the line, something to say, a good family life…… The husband more listen to more spirit, shout to me loudly say this day can’t lead. So the next day constant cold war, sister-in-law’s children also constantly clamoring to play computer, the husband heard the computer and I quarrel. I am angry under to the eldest sister-in-law said sentence: you come stem what, divorced a marriage to come disaster I, early roll! Sister-in-law suddenly cried, my husband beat me. It was the first time he had hit me, and it hurt. I asked for a divorce, but my husband didn’t agree. He said he would give him a hundred thousand dollars and a car if I left. With what, car and room are I buy before marriage, it is my why want to give him. After I got married, I spent more than 100,000 yuan on treating his mother. My son cried out that we didn’t want a divorce, and I couldn’t breathe when I looked at him at the age of six. We didn’t end up getting divorced, but he hasn’t touched me since. Two people sleep in a bed, but he always back to me, also don’t talk to me don’t communicate with me, constantly also don’t want to touch me, I active she suspicion I vexed, how should I do? Those really are my past, why can’t he bear? Love a person is not love her all? I feel cheated. He said he would love me anyway. However, he did not even my past a relationship to bear. What should I do? DivorcHTe? Actually, I don’t want to. It’s too bad. Private detective reply: in love, the man said I do not mind your past, in order to complete all get you. After marriage, a man starts to mind your past because he really loves you. It may not be your past that matters to your husband, but the fact that you keep the photos and the video. To him, it means that your heart is still full of your love. He is also angry that your frank past was punctured by a child who felt humiliated and hurt his pride. Furthermore, you first not to explain about it, but an argument with her mother-in-law, his sister go out, the two people are and decades of his life, he has the most closely related two people, you scold them, they go out is playing his face, play his bottom line, let I fall alone. In regard to your letter, I would like to give you the following Suggestions: first, learn to respect others and apologize first. In front of the husband, take the initiative and mother-in-law and sister-in-law sorry. Your husband can’t bear your past. You shouldn’t take your anger out on her. If you want to get your husband’s forgiveness, you should take action. Two, in front of the husband, delete all photos and video. Your past and your photos are two different things. Because you save the memories of the past, for him, it is not in your mind the past, you have not let go. So, he has a feeling that you betrayed him. Three, communicate well with husband, prevent quarrel cold war. Quarrel and the cold war is the most likely to cause the loss of feelings between husband and wife, and he negotiate well, do not quarrel with him at every turn and he cold war. At this point, you are in a timely manner soft and weak, timely explanation aETHnd communication. Express your love and cultivate your love talents. He gives you the cold shoulder, thinking you’re defending “your past — your relationship with your ex-boyfriend”, so you should learn to let go and express your love for your husband more so that you can nurture your love for each other. Take action, set up some romance, let him feel that you love him. Five, more to the child’s position, and the husband analysis of divorce risk. And the husband’s analysis, after the divorce on the child’s outlook on life and marriage view form a grand harm, affect the child’s lifelong growth. There are many risks to the complicated structure of a second marriage: the kids can’t handle your marriage, your life is worse than it is now, and so on. Six, more transposition consideration, and mother-in-law stand in the united front. If you want to be happy, you should take care of your mother-in-law first. When you beat her son in front of her, as a mother, she is bound to get angry. You have also been a mother, more consideration, must understand the feelings of a mother. And the mother-in-law sorry, stand in the mother-in-law’s unified front, so talent better overpower your husband not divorce idea. Don’t force your husband to live with you for a while. Make room for him to digest your past. During this period, you do not force your husband to live with you as a husband and wife, do not take the initiative to give myself a little bit of authority. More the expression of a few warmth, move him gradually, after letting him bear this matter, live husband and wife life from again however however. Don’t get excited about the divorce, but take action to save the marriage. Maybe this storm can test the leveEOSl of your love.


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