Private investigator, wife carrying my best friend’s child

筆跡鑑定BLOGPrivate investigator, wife carrying my best friend’s child. My wife and I are introduced by friends, less than 3 months to get a marriage license, no children. Continuously since all is because of the trivial quarrel, in the quarrel time, my temper is a little bad, often angry, throw things! Her personality is not very talkative kind, too a little bit strong, work is good. As soon as she was free, she would play her mobile phone and seldom talked with me. She would not be happy if I asked her many questions, and then she could not communicate with me. For example, if someone sends a message to call her and I ask who she is, sometimes she will say: why so many questions? Often quarrel about this matter! She often contact www.daaidetective.comthe so-called primary school classmate, confidante, two people constantly ambiguous (the man had been married)! Not happy to call each other pour out! I’m torn! I think her heart is not in my here, she is 30 years old, anxious to marry the age. Think she is looking for me to live and live, short love! Heart does not open for me! She long calculate medium, a lot of married or not married men are often looking for him to chat about her, she is happy! (she said she seldom came in), thought she enjoyed it. When I cold war to her, sometimes she loses her temper to say I ignore her, say me stingy, ignore a person for trivial matter! I struggled with her personality and rarely communicated with me. What things are hidden do not政府立案徵信社 want to say, I feel so risky, later do what things out I do not know! Here is what she said to the man: no words, moved to the bottom of my heart! I am very selfish always say me good you good, wronged call you, sarcasm, vent a hang up the phone, you should still be confused, but you also say I am a good woman, grateful god this life sent such a good friend to me, if there is next life I will marry you. Private detective replies to friend hello. Emotion is the premise of marriage, and love will become affection, no matter whether you can have hot love before marriage, it will be no preservation of life, and in the way of affection into the real life. In other words, the absence of love in marriage is not terrible. The s徵信社價錢cary thing is that there is infidelity and no emotion in your marriage. You can tell from your wife’s text messages that there is little communication between you and her. Second, they are too busy, no time to leisure together, so emotional comparison greasy. But even if your wife sends that kind of message, it only means that the relationship is not deep, and “I would marry you in my next life” is a clear sign that she doesn’t want to cheat. On the other hand, if you think about it this way, it’s likely to give the other person a hint or an emotional boost, and if the other person goes on the offensive, your wife will probably fall. So, suggest you and your wife showdown as soon as possible, so as not to become more ser ious scene attack.


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