Private detective, I got beaten by my husband.

Private detective, I got beaten by my husband. Things happen in a few days ago, he had shown up for work that morning, what to wear, he said I, I’m his word or two, he swear, scold several words, I was very angry, also very disappointed, combined with the inner feelings of his behavior is as before, silent tears, then he went to work, I a person at home to sulk, call him during the day, because has been sulking, also do not want to pick 桃園徵信社推薦up, pick up the tone is not very good, so to his work, and come back later for a little thing quarrel again, those little things really are small can’t again small, I think of his behavior in the morning, I was very angry, Then nursing bed with my little son, didn’t want to talk to him, he see me angry, and came to coax me, on the surface to admit he is, in fact he has been in defend himself, told me that he had to, I was wrong, I was ve中壢徵信社推薦ry angry, pointing to his nose accused his recent behavior, in fact, I want to say is that he changed, impatient to me, always pick on me, for I hate to say, unnecessary. Pointing to the second time, he said I hung up on his face, get up and slap my head and face (I sat in the quilt holding my little son of two months, he is lying on the side) after a few times, finally add a foot (kick head) side dozen side say: “you still make flower face”. The whole process I didn’t strike back, also did not move, I am very desperate, very very desperate, no anger, according to my habit at ordinary times, I immediately get up to play back, even can’t win all want to play, but this time I only despair, that kind of despair, I can’t describe what happened several days, I am now writing is writing while crying, I don’t know how he feels when he hit me, I’m very confused now, I don’t 新竹徵信社推薦know what to do.


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