Private detective, can a woman who’s been a prostitute marry?

盈幣寶Private detective, can a woman who’s been a prostitute marry? Some men have been a duck, some women have been a prostitute, regardless of the duck or miss, want to get married, the question comes out: have been a duck man, you marry? Did you marry a woman who was a prostitute? Not all ducks and ladies can keep their past secret. Some of them will expose their past in one way or another. One man asked me this question privately: his girlfriend had been a prostitute, and he knew it after the fact; The intercourse was tolerably acceptable, and when he really intended to marry, he hesitated. Private investigators suggest the following: first, consider the degree of publicity. Is it public that “girlfriend was a prostitute”? If already spread in the circle that lives in oneself, so the face pressure that the man faces in the future will be very big, gossip will be a lot of, to the ego of the man, social status can have very big, lasting negative effect, very disadvantageous, proposal is careful. After all, a man’s face is still very important. Of course, if only a few close people know, and can ensure that these people can keep their mouth shut, and they do l拆分盤ike a girlfriend, can consider. It would be better to be able to leave your familiar circle and environment and live in a completely new place to completely cover up your girlfriend’s past. Secondly, the family and geographical environment should be considered. Strict family education, local custom is more traditional, once leaked, will greatly disrespect family style, family style, cause family storm and local discussion, not only will lead to the family in the local lost prestige and status, will also cause the parents long-term heart trouble, suggest careful. On the other hand, if the parents do not ask, interfere in their children’s private affairs, the local “laugh poor do not laugh whoring”, the initiative is entirely in your hands, it does not matter. Third, based on reality, comprehensive consideration of their various aspects of the conditions. Oneself condition is not bad, include economy and appearance, the choice leeway that chooses a spouse is big, the woman that can choose is not little, why choose a woman that had been prostitute? Caution is advised. If all aspects of the condition is not even good, marry a wife is very difficult, since wo交易所men are not critical of you, why do you critical of women? Fourth, consider the emotional basis. If you’re just talking and you don’t have a lot of emotional foundation, you can judge for yourself what you want. If talk for a period of time, each other already have the affection foundation, you also like each other very much, then see your tolerance, can tolerate, can also forgive each other’s past, can consider; If you are emotional cleanliness, love first, self-esteem is very strong, the advice is careful, otherwise sooner or later will regret, become a life of inner pain. Fifth, consider the girlfriend’s specific situation. Be a young lady, also cent is active and passive. Some women are abducted, coerced, lured, some women because of life forced (such as family debt), some women from impulse (such as lovelorn), some women from naive (such as minor girls), these belong to the passive miss, is excused; But because some women covet money, love vanity, love to eat lazy, even temperament lascivious and active do young lady, belong to idea and moral character problem, the proposal does not consider. Sixth, consider your personal beliefs and abilities. Ther比特大陸e is no perfect woman in the world. You may be a perfectionist and an idealist who wants women to be flawless before and after marriage, so you can’t accept or tolerate the fact that your girlfriend has been a prostitute. If you are a realist who does not care about a woman’s stain before marriage, but about her performance after marriage, then consider this. Of course, there are risks. After all, women who have been prostitutes may change their attitudes and sexual habits. Women form a negative impression of men and find it difficult to trust them; A woman has seen so much and experienced so many men that in the future a man may not be able to satisfy her physical desires. A woman’s idea of sex may be relatively open, perhaps more difficult to endure loneliness, the possibility of cheating may be greater… If you think you have the ability and confidence to change a woman for the better, you can consider it. If you lack such confidence, caution is advised. The woman that had been prostitute, also be a woman, also have qualification to obtain love, of course, this is theoretical, specific problem still needs specific analysis, each person has the marria盈幣寶週報(2019/08/11-2019/08/16)ge of each person.


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