Charming young woman drunk on the wrong bed was occupied by three men

屏東徵信社推薦A few months, I was in front of the desk, when the phone rang, a strange number let me be lazy to answer, until the phone rang for the third time, I am impatient to pick up the phone, the voice is familiar and unfamiliar, after a few guesses, private detective, just know to call me is my best friend when I was in primary school. Fifth grade that year, she moved to the field with her parents, although there have been a few letters, but eventually lost contact, these years, I repeatedly encountered primary school students will spy her message, are fruitless, usually, she is also in a cocktail party encountered primary school students, just know my contact information. During her birthday, I had agreed to stay with my husband for a few days, but my husband was in a hurry and I had to go alone. I have a quirk since childhood, not his family to sleep, not his family to eat, even if for many years did not see boudoir honey can not break my criterion, that is to say, in looking for boudoir honey to play a few days, I early on the Internet to book a hotel express. Boudoir honey birthday that night, because for many years did not see the reason, so we play very crazy, the party dispersed, boudoir honey specially told to play with the other three men must be safe to send me to the hotel talent separate. Or maybe I was dressed so sexily that the three men dropped me off at the hotel and didn’t leave right away. Among them most handsome that male initiative and my tongue kiss, I temporarily infatue, did not reject and below the action of alcohol, when other two male face, with handsome male embrace together tightly. To my surprise, the other two men took the opportunity to touch me. Because of that two male its ugly and matchless, I do not want to let them take me cheap, hence seizes confrontation, did not think of they classics shameless say ‘this is slut, why pack pure’, and below my acuteness antagonism, with towe宜蘭徵信社推薦l plug my mouth, execute gang rape to me. This matter cannot say to the bestie, dare not to say to the husband, but that night’s scene often flashed in my mind, the thought of myself was bullied scene will involuntarily disgusting, so that I now and my husband sex will have phobias. How can I say goodbye to my past? Private detective reply: unfortunate people must hate, the night you and handsome man tongue kiss, about the other two people, is A *** show, ask yourself, when you see A piece of time, will be indifferent? In other words, it is your unreserved behavior that arouses the desire of the other two men, and you deserve to be secretly plotted by them. This matter you certainly can’t say to boudoir honey, also dare not speak with the husband, because be in by gang rape of affair, you also have out of order behavior, also can only break tooth pharynx stomach, this call dumb eat huanglian have bitterness can’t say. Steal joy to suffer gang-rape really 台東徵信社推薦is a helpless and painful thing, in fact, that experience once broke through your original happy life, also brought a little shadow to you and the bedroom of the husband, only forget, ability lets you rest assured from now on. There is such a phenomenon, that is, when you try your best to pay for someone, you will be too dependent on this person and care about, that is to say, want to get rid of the nightmare is the only way to try every means of good to your husband, when your mind is full of as long as the figure of the husband, all the past unbearable will disappear. Men like beautiful women like handsome men and women of the mentality is the same, but about married men and women, needs self-control, family obligation to curb the high quality of the opposite sex outside of marriage rebuffed, maybe cheating can also bring a temporary stimulus, but often due to a temporary stimulus for more pain, for this guide, later must protect my marriage, don’t let 警民徵信社BLOGan affair on you.


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