His wife is addicted to cheating on him regardless of the life and death of his 2-year-old son

台灣真能成加密貨幣之國?從世界區塊鏈大勢談起His wife is addicted to cheating on him regardless of the life and death of his 2-year-old son. I am very busy now. I go to work at 6 o ‘clock, get up at 7 o ‘clock, and arrive at the office at 8 o ‘clock. If I am late, 50 yuan will be deducted. In the middle of the day, my mother took care of the baby. In the evening, I had to rush back home to take care of my son, who was only 2 years old. This is what I repeat every day, consciously between work and family, without any leisure time. Besides work, I take care of my son. Maybe you’re wondering, what the hell is the baby? Where did you go? Ha ha! I can only sadly inform you that my wife has cheated on me and has been out fooling around all day, whether my son is alive or dead. We got married in 2011, and our married life was sweet and happy. I have a beautiful wife, great he大學生玩區塊鏈,比你想得還專業、多元!窺探全台兩大學生社群如何帶動台灣區塊鏈跨領域整合alth, and we love each other. A year later, we had a child, who was now two years old. Before the wife has not given birth to the child, I vaguely felt that something was wrong, the most obvious is that the wife almost every day to go home very late, sometimes as late as 11 12 home. The wife is the common clerk of a company, position is art work, I go to her unit a few times, the number is not much, the job is not very busy by rights, how can she work overtime everyday? The explanation that wife gives me is, the job is busy, often work overtime. Every time it was the same excuse, no matter how I asked, she replied, and slowly I stopped asking. I was thinking that husband and wife should trust each other, there is no need to be jealous and suspicious every day. In such a psychological, I did not ask her too much geology. Late扎根台灣,獨樹一格:帶你窺探本土區塊鏈社群的多元面貌r, I asked my wife if we should have a child. At that time she didn’t say ok, also didn’t say no, just lightly back a word: “want a child! Can’t afford it!” . Although she said so, not too much heart, but she still cooperate with my sex, to have the son now. The wife is in the period of time of pregnancy, go home a bit on time than before, I think the wife became good. But, wait until the wife gives birth to a child to just half an year time, she returned the kind of state before again, as usual it is to come home late, to the child regardless not ask, down to do not feed a baby to eat, make me very angry. Where is such a mother in the world? It’s unbelievable not to ask my children anything. But my son is my treasure. Since you don’t take care of my son, I have to accept the obligation of being both mother and father. About圈外人也聽得懂的區塊鏈「幣、礦、鏈」三圈運作 the heart of the depression and doubt, I feel bad to say to the father-in-law and mother-in-law, also dare not say with my parents, their health is not very good, not because of our things and gas out of disease! Then, as a last resort, I asked my mother to help me take care of the children. I took time to investigate my wife. The result was shocking. That man is the director of his company. He has a lot of money. Think of the usual wife is always disgusted with me to make less money, so she had the idea of this derailed, but I did not find out in time, just led to the current disaster. Now I feel exhausted all day, the body is very tired, the heart is more tired. When one day I can not hold on to it, I may choose to divorce, which is no way of the method ah! Can a newly married wife support each other for the rest of her l比特幣閃崩ife? Not likely!


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